QUIZZER – Create A Quiz

Create a quiz that others can take! 

You can create a quiz that orders can take.  Once completed you can see the quiz results including the percentage of correct answers and the results question by question.  

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create a quiz, let someone take the quiz, and then for you to see the results:

Quizzer requires Microsoft Excel version 2010 to later and will only run on PC, not on Mac.

There are four types of questions you can create:

Multiple Choice, Numeric, Text Answer and True/False questions.

You can add up to 250 questions per quiz.

After the quiz is completed the test admin (you) will be able to view the full quiz results.

Quiz takers name and date & time they took the quiz..

Final score…

Results question by question…

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You may have up to 250 question per quiz

NO.  The person can exit the quiz while taking the quiz, but they cannot reenter the quiz.

If they exit early the admin (you) must enter and then exit the quiz which will reset the quiz.


No.  The person taking the quiz will not be table to see the correct answer.

However, nothing in this world is immune from being hacked.

No.  Only the admin login can view the results.



Get Quizzer for just $9.99