Suggested Abbreviations

In order to save time and make your collection efforts quicker and simpler here are some suggested abbreviations to use when recording the customer responses:

LVM = Left Voice message

RVM = Received Voice Mail

EM = Emailed

EMC = Emailed main contact

REM = Received Email

TT  = Talked To

TTC = Talked main contact list in Excel Your A/R

SI = Send invoice copy

SS = Sent Statement

FX = Faxed

INV = Invoice

WBP = Will Be Paid


For example, if we called a customer and talked to someone about their past due invoice we might enter:

TT Tony WBP  12/15 = Talked To Tony and the invoice will be paid 12/15

If Tony is the main contact listed for this customer, we can shorten it even further:

TTC WBP 12/15 = Talked To main Contact (Tony in this example) and the invoice will be paid 12/15


Of course, you do not have to use this abbreviation or if you prefer you can use your own.