Excel Your Progress Billings

This is an easier way to track & collection your receivables for jobs that require multiple billings.
A great solution for companies that have systems that are not set up to handle progress billings.

What is “Excel Your Progress Billings”? 

Excel Your Progress Billings (EPB) allows you to easily track which lines of invoicing have been invoiced and collected.

Progress billing is a method of invoice that bills customers/clients at each stage of the project along the way, with the invoice reflecting the amount of work that has been completed.  Progress billing is typically used for large-scale construction projects to billing clients/customers incrementally as the project advances instead of invoicing at the end of a project.


How Much is it?

Just $5.99- a one time fee

How many progress billing lines can you have for an order? 

You can have up to five progress billings per order on the version available for download.  Need More?  Contact me to discuss your needs and I can modify for a very reasonable fee.

What  software will I need to run Excel Your Progress Billings?

Excel Your Progress Billings requires Microsoft Excel version 2007 or later.

Order Now! Just $5.99.

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