I can improve your productivity

By | June 6, 2021

Some of the ways I can help improve your productivity & profits include:

Automation of Existing Reports – Do you have a report that you spend
hours and hours on every month? A report that takes your hours to
complete could take just seconds.

Make Data Exports from your ERP System Actually Mean Something – Many
ERP systems can export data directly to Excel or as a text file;
unfortunately many times they come out as a scrambled mess. In most
cases I can create a solution in Excel that can clean up the data and
make it into a usable export of data directly from your ERP system.

Create A Custom Piece of Software to help run your business – Using
to it’s fullest potential we can create a custom spreadsheet
that acts as custom piece of software built to your specifications.
Before using up your IT budget buying another software program contact
me, I might be able to save your thousands of dollars by creating a
solution in Excel.

Excel Consulting Services – If you need help or additional training
with Excel I am happy to help you out. Please contact me for further
information.Ideas That Excel is here to solve your problems and make
you business more efficient through the use of Microsoft Excel. I can
help you if you need just basic help with Excel or if you need a full
fledged VBA program written with Excel that operates much like a
complete independent program.

Make Exports from your ERP System Useful for Analysis –   Most ERP
systems don’t have all the reports that you need but many do offer
exports of existing data directly into an Excel readable format.  The
problem is often these exports split one line of data up onto several
lines when opened in Excel.  Let me create a solution that can fix the data
with one mouse click!

Contact me for Excel solutions that will save you time and money.

Large or small projects feel free to contact me!

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