Excel Your A/R F.A.Q.

You can download the Excel Your A/R user manual here.

What are the system requirements?

Excel Your A/R in Microsoft Excel version 2007 or later.

What is VBA and why must if be enabled?

VBA if a programming language that allows Excel to automate tasks in Excel. There is no malicious code in Excel Your A/R and you must select “Enable Macros” in order to properly use the program. No VBA code in Excel Your A/R effects any other Excel file on your computer or any other programs or security settings on your computer. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.

How many days should I use when entering the follow up date?

There is no set rule that I follow. For new customers or customer’s that have been constant problem payers I usually set a follow up date that that closer to the contact date than those that have a good payment history. I often used the “General Info” area to add a note about the customers payment tendencies.

What are some suggestions for entering note on the customer’s response?

I have add a list of some common abbreviations I use when entering customer contact notes – here

Can I Modify Excel Your A/R?

Your license does not enable you to modify any of the code that Excel Your A/R uses. If their need customization or a new specific feature added please contact me for information on customizing Excel Your A/R.

Have a question?  Contact me.