Excel Your Account Receivables

UPDATE 7/22/22:  I am currently updating Excel Your A/R.  It will be available once all the updates & improvements are finished.   Current users will receive the update free of charge!  Current users contact me if you need any support during this time.

Excel Your A/R makes keeping track of your A/R collection activity more organized and efficient. Easily plan your accounts receivable collection activity and stay on top of who needs to contacted.  Everything in Excel Your A/R is focused on making your accounts receivable collection efforts faster, easier and more efficient.

Excel Your Accounts Receivables is a tool designed for small to mid-sized companies.    Only Microsoft Excel is required to use the software.   The whole idea of Excel Your Accounts Receivables is to allow you to simplify the collections process.

How it works…

When an invoice becomes past due you enter information about the invoice into Excel Your A/R. You also enter a note regarding your interaction with the customer (phone call, email or even a fax). You also at that time enter a Follow Up date. Excel Your A/R will keep track of what customers you need to contact and when. Each day you should check the Excel Your A/R Dashboard. Here you can quickly see who needs to be contacted and with just a couple mouse clicks have all the information you need to contact the
customer, including any actions you previously have taken to date to collect the Accounts Receivable.

This brief video will help show you how Excel Your Account Receivables can streamline and simply your collection efforts:

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