From 6 Hours to 6 Seconds

A perfect example of what can be accomplished with Excel was a monthly “Work center Hours by Division” report I had to complete. I downloaded data from our ERP system into Excel and then had to create totals by division & work center. I also had to search out duplicate line items and delete them,… Read More »

Fix a slow loading/saving Excel spreadsheet

Here is a trick that may solve the issue of an excel file that opens very slowly, or one that takes forever to save it. Obviously if the file has a tremendous amount of data it will open more slowly and this l may not help much or at all.  This applies more towards an… Read More »

I can improve your productivity

Some of the ways I can help improve your productivity & profits include: Automation of Existing Reports – Do you have a report that you spend hours and hours on every month? A report that takes your hours to complete could take just seconds. Make Data Exports from your ERP System Actually Mean Something –… Read More »

Car Loan Calculator

This free Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will calculate your car loan payment. This is a great tool to have for any car shopper. Never trust the dealer’s calculations! Download the Car Loan Calculator     


The IdeasThatExcel blog will provide you with Tips & hints for Excel.  I will also post updates for projects that I have made available or information about upcoming projects. Be sure to check in often.