Suggested Abbreviations

In order to save time and make your collection efforts quicker and simpler here are some suggested abbreviations to use when recording the customer responses using Excel Your Account Receivables:

LVM = Left Voice message

RVM = Received Voice Mail

EM = Emailed

EMC = Emailed main contact

REM = Received Email

TT  = Talked To

TTC = Talked main contact list in Excel Your A/R

SI = Send invoice copy

SS = Sent Statement

FX = Faxed

INV = Invoice

WBP = Will Be Paid


For example if we called a customer and talked to someone about their past due invoice we might  enter:

TT Tony WBP  12/15   which means:  Talked To Tony and the invoice will be paid 12/15


If Tony is the main contact listed for this customer we can shorten it even further:

TTC WBP 12/15 which means: Talked To main Contact  (Tony in this example) and the invoice will be paid 12/15


Of course you do not have to use these abbreviation or if you prefer you can use your own.  The goal of Excel Your A/R is to make it quick and easy to effectively track your A/R collection efforts.


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