Excel Your A/R

What is Excel Your A/R?

Excel Your A/R makes keeping track of your A/R collection activity more organized and efficient. Easily plan your accounts receivable collection activity and stay on top of who needs to contacted. Everything in Excel Your A/R is focused on making your accounts receivable collection efforts faster, easier and more efficient.

Excel Your A/R requires only Microsoft Excel and it designed to be easy to use.

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Let me show you an example of the process Excel Your A/R uses and how it will improve your Accounts Receivable collection process:

Your company made a sale to a new customer & their invoice has become past due. We will use Excel Your A/R to track our collection efforts. Since this is a new customer we first need to add some basic information about the customer to Excel Your A/R. We only need to enter this information once, in the future if will be pulled in automatically when you select the customer.

Now you can enter basic information about the customer…

And now enter information regarding the invoice & your collection efforts..

The Dashboard shows us all the status of the past due invoices we have entered into Excel Your A/R… (click on the image for closer view)

The Dashboard show us exactly who we need to contact today. We have 5 invoices we need to follow up with today. The red shows us that we should have contacted this customer before today!

From the Dashboard we can double click on the customer name to view the details of our collection efforts for the invoice… On this screen we have everything we need to contact the customer regarding the past due account. We have their contact information, information about the invoice & notes about our previous collection efforts for this invoice.(click on the image for closer view)

In this example the customer stated they mailed a check yesterday us

By double clicking on the ^ before the invoice number a form appears so we can update our collection efforts…

Here you quickly enter a new follow note about your collection efforts for this invoice.

And always enter a follow up date!

Once the invoice is paid it is easy to remove it from the Dashboard and mark the invoice closed. Simply double click on the ^ symbol for the invoice on the dashboard screen… (click on the image for closer view)

Confirm to want to mark the invoice paid..

With the invoice marked as closed it no longer appears on our Dashboard.. (click to view close up)