Excel Your A/R

Coming soon! BETA testers wanted…

What is Excel Your A/R?

Excel Your A/R in an Excel Spreadsheet that makes keeping track of your A/R collection activity more organized and your collection efforts more efficient.

Let’s show you a quick example of how Excel Your A/R works…

In 5/1 your company sold some equipment to Jasper Industries for $1,200 with Net 30 day terms on invoice #5504.   Fast forward to 6/15 and you see the invoice is still unpaid.  You decide it is time to reach out to Jasper regarding the invoice.

Since Jasper is a company we have never had to contact before regarding a past account select the ENTER A NEW CUSTOMER button from the main menu..

The NEW CUSTOMER entry form will then be visible. Here we enter some basic information regarding the customer. This information only needs to be entered once for each customer and will not need to entered for future invoices related to this customer.

The customer name is required but all other fields are optional however I strongly suggest you complete them in order to fully take advantage of Excel Your A/R.

We fill in the information for our customer Jasper Industries and rake advantage of the General Info block to enter a secondary contact. If we did not have an invoice we could uncheck the box and just save the new customer. In this case we have a new invoice to enter so we leave the it checked and press the SAVE button…

We can now invoice details and the notes from out first contact with the customer.

The customer information we entered previously will show and we now have space to enter the invoice information and information about what the customer stated. We also enter a Follow Up Date which is the sate we will contact the customer again is the invoice is still unpaid..

So we call Tammy who states the check will be in 6/17. Based in her response we set a follow up date for a few days later….

Let’s go forward now to 6/24 ..

We open the Dashboard tab to see our notes regarding open invoices

The Dashboard shows us that we need to contact Jasper Industries and Signs Of The Times today. It also shows that we are past the follow up date for Dimmer-Norman Company and we should contact them ASAP, however we will focus only on Jasper for this example.

We can just double click on Jasper Ind. and it will open the contact details for this invoice…

You now see the contact information for this invoice and our note regarding our first contact on 6/15. We double clicking on the ^ to the left of the invoice number a form will open up that we can update our collections efforts for this invoice…

This time we called and for Tammy’s voice mail. We make a note that we left the voice mail and update the follow up date to 6/30.

Let’s go forward now to 6/24 ..

We see Jasper is due for an update. So we again double click on their name so we can update our collection efforts…

You see that the screen now shows notes from both of our calls to Jasper.

Let’s go forward now to 6/30 ..

Today Jasper show up as due for a call again. We call and find out that Tammy is off today. Instead of leaving another message we contact Jason Smith. Jason states the check was sent on 6/28. Making use of the General Notes area to add an addition contact turns out to be a good idea!

We add a new note regarding this invoice and update the follow up date…


Let’s go forward now to 7/1

Good News.. we received the check from Jasper Industries today.

We can open the Dashboard again and double click on the ^ for this invoice…

That will mark the invoice as closed and it will not longer appear on the Dashboard….

Excel Your A/R is coming soon. BETA Testers wanted!