Some Useful Excel Formulas

Microsoft Excel offers so many functions and formula types that I am not sure anyone has ever learned and used all of them.  However, I can’t count the number of times I have seen an Excel a spreadsheet that  was made overly complicated because the creator did not make use of some very easy to use Excel formulas.

Here are a few Excel spreadsheet formulas that you need to use.  These are some basic functions in Excel that many people don’t use enough.

SUM –  The SUM function will total the cells in the range.

MIN – This will return the minimum value in the range selected.

MAX – Max will return the largest number in the range.

CONCETENATE  –  This function will come the values in different cells.  I often use thin when creating narration in spreadsheets

TODAY  –  Will return the current date

PROPER –  Converts the value of the cell to the proper case

MONTH –  Will return the number if the month.

EOMONTH – This function will return the last date of the month.

Below is a screen capture that shows the results in Excel.